Ten Things to See for Free in Granada

Granada is a city which offers a multitude of possibilities, for leisure, gastronomy and culture for those who have money to spend, but also the following ten suggestions

  1. Albalcín. This typical Arab district of the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations as the lure of the narrow streets can become one of your best experiences of living Granada.
  2. Mirador de San Nicolás. Although there are many views towards the Alhambra this lookout point is better than any other and ever since Bill Clinton visited to watch the sunset it had gained popularity. The views are impressive, as is the atmosphere of the surroundings, with street musicians, handicraft sales among other things, makes San Nicolás a unique place.
  3. Paseo de los tristes (Street of the sad). This street is more of a lane and is probably one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Walking by the river Darro on the cobbled street under the attentive watch of the Alhambra is an experience which few manage to forget.
  4. Museum of the Alhambra. This museum occupies right wing of the ground floor of the Palace of Carlos V, and contains one of the best existing collection of Spanish Muslim art, and in particular Nazarene Art.
  5. Palacio de Carlos V. The emperor ordered its construction inside the heart of the Muslim Alhambra at the far end of the Patio de los Arranyanes (Myrtles), and although its construction has always been very controversial, it is a grand building worthy of admiring.
  6. Corral del Carbón (the coal barnyard). This is an interesting building which dates from the 14th century and at that time it carried out its function a place for sale and exchange of cereals and fruits and inside there is a stage where numerous cultural activities can be seen.
  7. Carmen de los Mártires (‘Carmen’ in Granada means ‘a walled garden, here of the martyrs). Next to the forests of the Alhambra we find this spectacular Carmen. It existed in the times of the Arab dungeons and cells where it is supposed some Christians suffered martyrdom.
  8. Calle Elvira. This lane is one of the busiest and most typical of the city. Its tea restaurants, shops of local Arab craftsmanship, and the multi-cultural visitors and its bars make it one of the most interesting streets in Granada.
  9. Campo del Príncipe. Unbeatable enclave at the feet of the Alhambra where you can eat for cheap prices as you can see amazing views.
  10. Huerta de San Vicente (Orchard of San Vicente – was the summer home for Federico García Lorca). Walking around this park and seeing the famous house of the grand poet is a delight.