Do You Need Foreign Real Estate?

villa-padierna-golf-club_018377_full-300x210.jpg (21 KB)Let's suppose that you assess your financial capabilities and thinking about buying property abroad.

First of all, it is necessary to determine for yourselves do you need foreign real estate, what is it you need, and what benefits you will receive?

Let’s try to answer this quick questionary:

  1. Do you want some reliable and secure place for your money?
  2. Would you like to take the opportunity to attract low-cost loans for the acquisition the property?
  3. Do you want to obtain extra income from renting of your property?
  4. You prefer “beach” vacation, but the cost of accommodation for the whole family in a decent hotel heavely undermines your family budget?
  5. You do not like the noisy atmosphere of the hotel, so would you enjoy the comfort and privacy?
  6. You would like that your children or parents spend a few months of the year in some place with the healing maritime climate, wonderful nature and sunny weather?
  7. Do you want to spend your retirement in your own house close to the sea?
  8. Do you like outdoor activities (sailing, surfing, motorcycling, skiing, sea fishing, golf, tennis, etc.), but the weather and climate of the country of your residence does not allow you to do it all year round?
  9. Do you want to be able to obtain a 2-year Schengen visa for traveling to Europe?
  10. Your business develops successfully, you have achieved the financial well-being, but your status requires an indirect confirmation of these facts to your partners and customers?
  11. Your business does not develop as successful as you would like, you are tired and you want to change radically the situation, lifestyle, climate and location?

If any of these questions you answered “Yes”, then you really should think about buying overseas property!