Administration and Maintenance of Real Estate

3_29-e1440585651848-295x300.png (90 KB)For the property owners that do not live in Spain permanently, we offer a package of services that provides safety and shelter to avoid the additional costs (penalties for late payment of taxes, excessive utility bills, etc).

The full package includes:

  • weekly check correspondence and alert the owner in case of important notices;
  • monthly inspection and ventilation of the property;
  • control over the utility bills, the elucidation of the causes in the case of unjustified increase of costs;
  • control over payment of taxes;
  • provision of mobile telephone to security agency that install the alarm for the rapid response and on-site visit in the case of receipt of a signal;
  • control of operating personnel (gardener, cleaner, etc.);
  • control of existing automatic systems (watering, cleaning the pool, alarm system);
  • hiring of minor repairs, if necessary, and monitoring of their implementation.

You can take the advantage of complete package of services or individual services. The cost of these services varies in each individual case and will be fixed in the contract signed with the owner of the property.

Monthly costs include the work of our agency, as well as transportation and telephone costs, but does not include incidental expenses (cost of repairs and materials, payment of invoices, etc.), as well as payments for services of third parties in the case of their employment. All additional costs are carried out only with the consent of the owner.

Please call our Customer Service: +34 639 500 976 and we will try to help you in any situation.