Why Costa del Sol?

1588680-300x211.jpg (29 KB)If you agree with our opinion and chose Spain, now you have to choose the region of the new place of residence.

The choice is also difficult. We proceed in the same way as with the choice of the country.

We will not criticize the neighboring regions and provinces, just name those distinctive points that we especially like on the Costa del Sol:

  • The unique Mediterranean climate – summers are not so hot as in the central regions, winter is not so cold as in the northern provinces, the only place you can see snow falls is in the mountains of Sierra Nevada (an excellent ski resort). The average annual temperature is +20°C.
  • The absence of nationalist sentiment among the population. No need to learn local dialects in addition to the official Spanish (castellano) or English.
  • The mentality of the population (the whole Andalusia) is very friendly and the way of thinking and perception of the world is very open. This will ensure you a great number of friends and excellent relations with yours neighbors.
  • The absence of large industrial enterprises, a beautiful environment.
  • A great opportunity all year round to engage in your favorite sports and outdoor activities.
  • In contrast to the island territories, tourists life during the winter never stops, is not depend on weather conditions. To get to “civilization” you do not need to use airplane or ferry, all European countries can be reached by car or by express train.

That is why Costa del Sol is absolutely unique place for recreation and residence. Although, of course, all of these issues are depend on the taste and personal preference, and if you want to buy property in other regions of Spain, we will advise you our reliable partners who can help you.