Where and what to buy?

aerea-610x244-300x120.jpg (13 KB)The answer to these questions will depend on several factors:

  • the budget for the purchase
  • the purpose of purchasing property in Spain
  • personal preferences

Distance from the beach is strongly reflected on real estate prices in Spain, also housing benetit frontline situation is rather controversial – high humidity, noisy tourists, hurrying to the beach near your home and parking problems.

In this regard, many customers today prefer to buy a villa in Spain, in the distance of 1-2 km from the coastline in one of the selected and secured locations with beautiful views to the sea.

However, if you subsequently want to put your property for rent, it is better to buy a house in the short distance from the sea, near supermarkets, restaurants, bars and all the amenities preferable without using the car. This will significantly increase the cost of renting a property in Spain and the number of potential clients.

Great rental potential as well has the property located near the golf courses, as the Costa del Sol also known as Costa del Golf – this is one of the recognized places of pilgrimage for fans of this game around the world, and golf fans love to live near their favorite playing fields.

Possible types of real estate are obvious – villa, townhouse or apartment. Price variety here is boundless, however, there are some features: in Spain very few buildings with a total area of ​​more than 300 m², as the Spaniards prefer most of their free time to spend away from home, at the nearby restaurants, bars, parks or on the beach.

To have your own garden and swimming pool is very nice, but in this case you will need some additional services, like gardener and maintenance of swimming pool.

Another issue is the choice between buying a new finished housing in Spain, the construction of your own home or buying a property in Spain on the secondary market. In each case it has its own pros and cons, and it is better if you will advise with professionals (eg, with our managers), which will help you to avoid possible errors.

Learning is always better on the mistakes of others, rather than on your owns.