Why Spain?

Mapa de Espana.jpg (55 KB)  So, you have decided to buy overseas property. But now there is a logical question, what country is better to buy in? Of course, it will depend on your preferences, desires and financial capabilities.

Today you can find a huge number of proposals of properties in any part of the world, but the most popular countries are still Brazil, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, UAE, Turkey, France, Croatia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic.

Each of these countries has its own advantages and disadvantages from the investment point of view, but we will not speak about the negative aspects that may affect your decision to buy real estate in a particular country.

It is impossible to properly compare the different countries – it is too subjective question in which each person must make a choice, just as in choosing a life partner.

We’ll just tell you the reasons why we chose Spain as a place of our residence, so you can compare these terms with the realities of other countries.

That’s all (or almost all) of these reasons:

  • Holy maritime climate, rich and diverse natural resources, more than 300 sunny days per year.
  • The high standard of living, excellent service, economic development, efficient health care system.
  • The right to private property is guaranteed by the state. Stability of legislation. The almost complete absence of corruption in law enforcement.
  • The relative proximity and accessibility.
  • The cordiality and friendliness of the locals.
  • A great number of festivals, celebrations and entertainment events throughout the year. Developed recreational infrastructure – both for children and for adults who enjoy nightlife.
  • Superb dining, good wines, cheap food.
  • The rich historical and cultural heritage, an abundance of monuments.
  • The absence of the fact you need to observe certain rules of conduct related to religion or local traditions.
  • Low property prices, the possibility of obtaining mortgage loans and the annual Schengen visas for non-residents, low property taxes (one of the lowest in Europe).

Now try to name any country other than Spain, which would satisfy all these requirements. Does not exist? Not surprising…